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Support for Business Development

West Virginia, Upshur County and Buckhannon have a variety of institutions available to aid existing and new business and economic development.

West Virginia Development Office The West Virginia Development Office is the state’s chief economic and community development agency.
Region VII Region VII of the West Virginia state regional planning and development council system.
Upshur County Development Authority The Upshur County Development Authority has been a leader in local development for over twenty years.
Upshur County Chamber of Commerce The Upshur County Chamber of Commerce has over a hundred members and meets every Monday in support of community and business development.
Upshur County Commission The Upshur County Commission is an active member of the development team.
City of Buckhannon The City of Buckhannon, an All American City, is a progressive player in economic development.
WVHAZ The West Virginia Hardwood Alliance Zone is dedicated to the development of the secondary hardwood processing industry in a seven county region.